In order to provide you with an estimate of the cost, we need to know more about your case. At a consultation, we can provide you with our hourly rate, hearing rate based on the number of days of hearing, and an estimate of the total overall cost involved in representing you through to the completion of your matter. Once your matter is listed for trial, we will provide an outline of the total cost involved in representing you at trial. We can also provide you with advise about when payments will fall due so that you can plan ahead. We understand that many clients will find it difficult to pay legal fees in a lump-sum and we offer weekly or monthly payment plans. Like all defence lawyers, we require that fees be paid before work is carried out. We are able advise you about whether you will be entitled to recover legal costs if you are successful and an estimate of the amount you are likely to be able to recover.

To obtain an estimate, book a 45 minute initial consult. The initial consult includes a review of your case and legal advice for a special discounted rate of $190. Call now on (08) 9221 2991 or book an appointment online

If you successfully defend a criminal or traffic charge in the Magistrates Court, you are entitled to make application to recover some or all of your legal costs. There are no similar provisions to recover legal costs in the District Court and Supreme Court.

We charge a discounted fee of $190 for a 45-minute initial consult.

Please bring along any court paperwork which you have been issued with by Police. This may include a Prosecution Notice, Statement of Material Facts, Criminal and Traffic History, Infringement Notice, Notice to Appear, Bail papers and any other relevant documentation.

We strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice before speaking with Police, and we are available to offer you all necessary advice. Please find our contact details on the contact page.  We are usually able to offer you preliminary legal advice over the phone free of charge, and without the necessity of an appointment.

Regrettably Andrews Legal is not currently on the Legal Aid Panel, so we are not able to represent you on a grant of Legal Aid.

No reputable lawyer can or should provide a guarantee of an outcome in a criminal matter. We can assure you however that any advice we give you about your chances will be sound and well-reasoned, with the benefit of our decades of experience.

Again, it is usually impossible to predict precisely what sentence you are likely to receive. We can however provide you with a likely range of sentencing outcomes based upon the particular circumstances of you and your case. Naturally, we can furnish you with advice about what to do to help ensure you obtain the best outcome possible.

Yes. If you are guilty, a plea of Guilty at the earliest reasonable opportunity will attract a discount of up to 25% off your sentence. The size of the discount will however diminish the longer the delay before it is entered.

Yes. Often it is be possible to negotiate with the prosecution to have a charge downgraded or discontinued. The main reason that charges are downgraded or discontinued is either that the original charge is unlikely to succeed, or there is no public interest in prosecuting the charge. Our experienced team can enter into negotiations with the Police and the Department of Public Prosecutions in order to maximise your chances of having your charges downgraded or even discontinued.

If your licence is disqualified, you may be eligible to apply for an Extraordinary Licence, unless the disqualification is for demerit points. You may be eligible for an Extraordinary Licence if you require it for one of the following reasons:

  • to obtain urgent medical treatment; or
  • your principal means of earning an income depends upon it; or
  • it is the only practical way for you, or one of your family members, to get to and from work.

Yes, we can act in appeals against conviction or sentence.

Any instructions you give us are confidential. We take our obligation of confidentiality very seriously, and under no circumstances would we disclose details of your case to another party without express permission from you.

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