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What is a Violence Restraining Order or “VRO”?

A VRO may be sought by an Applicant against a person with whom they have never been in a family relationship, if the person against whom the order is sought has committed “personal violence” against the Applicant and is likely to do so again, or the Applicant has reasonable ground to believe the person will commit personal violence against them.

What sort of conduct amounts to “Personal Violence”?

Personal violence means an assault or other act causing injury, kidnapping, or deprivation of liberty and stalking, or threatening or procuring any other person to do any of those acts.

What kind of conditions does a VRO include?

A VRO usually includes conditions which prohibits the Person Bound from doing acts of the kind referred to below:

• Entering or approaching your home, place of work or education,

• Communicating with you by any means,

• Approaching within a certain distance of you, 20 meters is typical,

• Approaching within a certain distance of your car or other property,

• Monitoring your movement or communication,

• Behaving an intimidating, offensive or emotionally abusive manner toward you,

• Causing or encouraging any other person to act in the above manner on their behalf.

The Order will contain exceptions which permit the Person Bound to communicate with you through a legal practitioner, to have legal documents served on you by a process server, to attend court proceedings in which you are both involved.

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